Tatyana Rameau, Founder, Therapist and Supervisor

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In order to improve our lives, we need to improve our perspectives. This means stepping out of our comfort zones and adding new beneficial experiences and learning better ways to navigate the ever changing world around us. It is courageous to want to confront our current mode of thinking, and as a therapist, I am genuinely excited to provide a safe and welcoming environment to help guide those choosing to do so.

After serving in the Navy, I received my Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Fordham University and Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy from The Family Institute at Northwestern University. I have had the opportunity to work with children and families formed through adoption or subsidized guardianship who struggled with a range of issues including but not limited to attachment, complex trauma, grief, anger and depression. 

I’m also very passionate about helping individuals and families with military ties, struggling with racial, immigration or cultural issues, interracial couples, assisting with launching, premarital concerns and counseling as well as women’s issues. No matter the situation, I will always bring an enthusiastic and positive mindset to help you get the most out of every session. I invite and encourage you to express your most genuine concerns so that we can address them and help you to overcome whatever setbacks you are dealing with.

Associations: AAMFT