The Book Sanctuary - A Therapeutic Book Club

This is a community for those who love books and want to grow together! Join us as we begin our first therapeutic book club, engaging in deep conversations on enriching literature together.

This Month's Book - What My Bones Know by Stephanie Foo

So excited to announce the first book of The Book Sanctuary! We'll begin discussing What My Bones Know by Stephanie Foo on Tuesday, September 26, 2023! 


Will the books be provided?

  • No, you will be responsible for purchasing the book prior to the initial meeting. Links to where to purchase the book will be provided after completed registration. 

Where will the meetings take place?

  • Tuesday nights from 6:30-8pm CST via zoom. The zoom link will be sent via email prior to the meeting.

What is the cost?

  • We take insurance - BCBS PPO, United PPO and Aetna PPO. If you need to pay out of pocket, please email for more information.

What is the duration of the club?

  • That depends on the book. Some books may take 4 weeks to get through throughly and others may take longer. During the registration, you get to vote on which book you prefer to read and once chosen, the length will be decided.

What happens if I miss a meeting?

  • If a meeting is missed, we will recap in the next meeting but meetings will not be recorded.

Is it an open or closed group?

  • This is a closed group, so once we begin, new members cannot join. If someone would like to join after we have begun, they will have to wait until the next session.

Who will be facilitating the group?

  • Tatyana Rameau, LMFT

How do I join?

  • To join, you must fill out the questionnaire here and complete the registration here. If you are already registered as a client, you only need to fill out the questionnaire. You must complete both the questionnaire and the registration if you are not a current client.

General Information